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Aspect Studios


Aspect’s services include all areas of film, television and video production such as directing, producing, scripting, camera and lighting, sets, editing, graphics and master finishing.

  • Non-linear digital film/video editing • HD and 4K color finishing and effects • Scripting, talent, and location services  

Film and Video Production

From aerial shooting to tabletop product shots, from in-studio sets to the most remote locations, getting crews, gear and talent coordinated and working together is our stock in trade.

• Field & Studio production on HD and 4K Digital Cinema, • 3 ton grip kit • Complete 2500 HMI pars w/ distro • Complete audio packages w/ boom and wireless lavs • Green screen backings including: 36×12, 12×12, 6×12, 6×6 and 24×12 lino coves  


Insert Stage with grid, studio lights, green-screen, and studio drapes • Shop/studio for sets, inserts, special effects, and product shots • Edit suite with FCP X HD and color effects finishing